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Eric Ita

Me and my Princellar  

Me and my Princellar  

I remember the last night I spent with my grandmother Princellar. She was in the hospital fighting for her life. I didn't leave her side that night, I'll never forget the sound of her quietly weeping in pain. I felt so helpless and defeated in that moment realizing this monster we call Cancer is sucking the life out of her before my eyes. In the mist of me hiding my fear and anguish, my grandmother aware of her fate. So gracefully took the opportunity to tell me a secret. The secret was that at 81yrs old she has only one regret. I'm sure you're curious to know right? Well, she told me it was that she never did anything with her art. My grandmother sketched, painted and made amazing cards for friends and family her entire life and had nothing to show for it. She begged me to do something with my art. In that instant two things hit me loud and clear. One, she believed in my talent and wanted me to stay true to myself. And two, my art could be the way in which I could continue her legecy. I promised her that night I would go back to doing art. And in her eyes I saw peace, joy and comfort. And in her smile was victory and pride. That night I will always remember because it changed my path forever, thank you Princellar💗.