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Eric Ita

Happy Face photography by   Memo Alci

Happy Face photography by

Memo Alci

Words of wisdom from my dear friend Eric Ita. For most of my life I've danced around, twirling in and out of my true destiny. I've submerged myself into denial of who I am at the core. The core of how I was magically created, I am an Artist that is who I am and I will always be. Nothing else on this earth feeds my soul so effortlessly. I choose to listen to my internal voices which steer me to create and share with the world the amazing colors of my dreams on canvas.

"I'm grateful to be able to wake up and do what I love. Don't ever settle for a mediocre life, filled with unhappiness. If you have something you'd rather do, just start at the beginning, take your time, and give it your attention."-Eric Ita